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I will always love you Arielle
Dec 29,1991-June 10,2003

Arielle always in my heart!

The last few months have been relatively difficult because, along with the normal unexpected vet visits for various dogs, Arielle had not been quite right.  Initially, I couldn't pinpoint anything, only a look in her eye that wasn't her normal spark.  How do you go to your vet and tell them her eyes don't look right so something must be wrong?

Well, I had them do some health panels but everything always checked out.  Then one day, about 2 months ago, I found a mammary tumor which turned out to be malignant (mammary sarcoma).  We ultrasound the organs for other tumors to see if it had matcisized and found nothing, and then x-rayed the lungs for the same.  The x-rays looked as though she might have bronchitis and treated her for a couple of weeks.  Something still wasn't right, I had her in numerous times in between, and a bit of hacking started so we re-x-rayed.  In a matter of 2 weeks, there was a marked difference in the density in her lungs. 

My vet had suspicions, but couldn't tell exactly what was happening and sent both sets of x-rays off to VRCS (Vet. Radiology Consultation Service).  They have diagnosed her with having pulmonary lung disease, and although they were noticable in the first x-ray, the second one showed what they feel are in fact, nodules, meaning that the cancer has matacisized.

The vet talked with the oncologists to see if they had any other suggestions or options, but, all I could do was to keep her comfortable (steroids and bronchial dialtors) and keep the quality of her life, in what little time I had left with her. 

Arielle is my "freestyle girl" who introduced me to that wonderful sport.  I've learned so much from her and her daughter, Kyrah, is so much like her.  Arielle completed her AKC OTCh last fall at the age of 10 (to be 11 in December) with High in Trial and High-Combined--enjoying every minute of it!  I can still see her flying back to me after taking the jump and sitting front with both of her ears flopped back!  

I know she will be hearing her freestyle music in the arms of the angels. 

Arielle, gave me unconditional love and she owns a part of my heart, and always will. I will always love you Arielle!

  To all her freestyle fans, to all those with children of hers, and to those who have just known and loved her, she has shown us how to love and share love, and I know we will all miss her, but I know she is in our hearts for always and forever.

Arielle, I know you will be watching over me even now!